About Mark

mark photo
Photo by Stefan Leijon

Looks can be deceiving when dealing with Mark Line, but the fact he’s insulting and petty is just the tip of the iceberg. On top of that, he’s also dishonest, blunt and unstable, but they’re not as prominent and counteracted by habits of being active as well.
But focus on her as this is what she’s often despised. Plenty of relationships came to a halt because of this and her narcissistic nature, but different strokes for different folks I guess.

Fair is fair though, Mark doesn’t turn everything to dust. He’s tolerant and heroic among true friends, it could be worth to take a chance just once.
Unfortunately, his petty nature often pops up fast enough to ruin the chances of something good.


  • Loves to cook, but does it very badly.
  • Often busy mending broken objects, just to see if it can be done.
  • Sadist; enjoys dispensing pain.
  • Regularly looks up at the sky to check the position of the sun/moon.
  • Treats every joke as though it were serious.
  • Relates everything to specific songs, ie, is reminded of X lyric or Y album.
  • Refuses to pay more than the barest amount required for accommodations, even if that means staying at a roach motel.
  • On time to high-priority appointments but otherwise constantly running late.

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